A New Program

Mind Lab Center is an exciting new program for toddlers located in Dezerland Park! Mind Lab Center offers a play-based, mindful approach to learning where children will explore and discover, not only through fun & play, but through our hands-on curriculum, rich in activities designed to educate and stimulate your child’s natural abilities and strengths.

Mind Lab Center is a brand new facility inspired entirely by young children, selecting toys, equipment, and all materials so that your child has the most satisfying experience while under our care. We provide a safe, clean, and stimulating environment where children can grow and learn, explore and create, all while having fun and discovering the amazing individuals that they are.

We have created a unique space that features both a large play area for group play and shared learning, along with interactive Discovery Rooms each focusing on different broad subjects and learning styles.

Media Center: Photography, Audiovisuals, & Literature
Creative Center: Art & Science
Design Center: Building Blocks & Math
Expression Center: Music & Pretend Play

Each room is as unique as they are, with ample opportunities for exploring different mediums, textures, colors, challenges, and more – making their days both stimulating and fun!

Our staff are completely certified in (add certifications). Please review the Parent Handbook for more information and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments you may have about the program.

We look forward to Mind Lab Center being an important part of this magical time in your children’s lives!