Our Mission


Our mission is to enrich, elevate, and educate children during the most important years of their learning journey. Thank you for trusting your child’s care to us.  We take this matter very seriously and are committed to doing our best in assuring that your child’s time with us at our facility is a fulfilling, nurturing, educational, and fun one.  We have taken great care in choosing our toys, equipment, and all materials so that your child has the most satisfying experience while under our care.

Our days and activities are carefully planned and selected to enrich every aspect of your child’s growth and development. Even though our classrooms have mixed age groups, we cater to each child’s specific developmental needs. With our stimulating rooms for learning and interacting, and a loving, dedicated staff, your child is sure to have a great experience here at MIND LAB CENTER .

We offer a play-based, mindful approach to exploring so that children of all capabilities will be able to strive and feel empowered, loved, challenged, curious about the world, excited, and most of all, fulfilled as the amazing individuals they are.

MIND LAB CENTER is a facility inspired by children.

We strive to provide a fun, safe environment that will stimulate your child’s mind and body and that they can call their own. Therefore, we focused on providing an age appropriate center where children can:

  • Play and explore freely while enriching their imagination and sense of wonder.
  • Have their senses stimulated through many guided sensory input opportunities.
  • Feel challenged without feeling frustrated.
  • Be exposed to the wonderful world of music and art.
  • Expand their knowledge and sense of wonder through our math, science, and bilingual Literacy Program

All of this while under the care of our trained and educated staff.At our facility, we combine great opportunities for active -play with a wonderful hands-on curriculum rich in activities designed to educate and stimulate your child’s natural abilities and strengths.