Toddler’s Program

Young Toddlers

Strong Emotional Growth is Happening!

With our rich visual environment, your young toddler’s day with us will be full of possibilities. Learning about their world will be so easy with lots of opportunity for imitation, learning new language through daily games of point and say, songs, books and an array of different mediums for sensory play and lots of movement opportunity.


By three children are full of energy and ready for more action. As their attention span grows and their language is more developed three year olds are able to follow instructions and express their thoughts and feelings.

In my opinion, this is the real meltdown stage; however, with proper guidance, discipline,and support your eager silly explorer will succeed. Discovering in our exciting centers will encourage their thinking process and stimulate their creativity and self expression.


By four your child is becoming a little version of you. With their own opinions, likes, and preferences they are on a mission to discover and learn hands on cause and effect. Their language, creative expression, analytical skills, social skills, and general knowledge will develop at a rapid pace through exposure to our centers in our diverse program.

PT 8:30-11:30
FT 8:30-3:30
Aftercare 3:30-6